Founding Fathers Pub Menu

Hail to the Chef!
Grilled chicken breast sandwich
with provolone, sundried tomato pesto,
spinach & Mushrooms.

New York Sirloin
8 oz. strip smothered with 
sweet peppers & onions, topped with
melted provalone.

Philly Cheese Steak
marinated sirloin tips grilled to
perfection, topped with melted swiss,
sweet peppers & onioins, served
open faced on a hoagie roll.

BBQ Chicken Bosom
7 oz. breast with melted provolone,
with sweet peppers & onions on a roll.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
7 oz. breast layered with thinly sliced ham
& swiss cheese on a roll.

Blackened Blue
Chicken or burger charred with
cajun spices,served with lettuce,
tomato & blue cheese dressing. 

Bologna & Onions
Irish steak with melted provolone. 

Independence Burger
1/2 pound patty with your choice of:
swiss, provolone, american, cheddar,
blue cheese dressing, lettuce,
tomato and onion.
Pita Pocket
Tuna loaded with garden fresh veggies.
Turkey Bacon, on Rye

Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Pita
Chicken and cheddar with garden fresh veggies.
Hot Pastrami
Piled high NY style on rye with swiss.
Classic Ham
Ham off the bone with swiss, served on rye or
soft roll with lettuce & tomato.
Our Famous Tuna
White albacore tuna served on rye or soft roll
with lettuce & tomato.
Louisiana Chicken Salad
Cajan julienned chicken served over fresh greens
with your choice of dressing*.

Tortellini Salad
Tri-colored cheese filled pasta rings & garnishes
with peppercorn parmesan dressing. 
Tortellini Pesto
Hot, tri-colored cheese filled pasta rings served with 
fresh basil, garlic & olive oil sauce over salad. 
*Our dressings include: 
peppercorn parmesan, pesto vinaigrette, light italian, blue cheese, caesar, roasted garlic vinaigrette, and thousand island

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